Compass Team Member Experience

"I began as an intern with Compass for a summer and quickly realized it was a dynamic company I could see myself working for long-term.  I appreciate the smaller, yet vastly experienced team sizes, as I’ve been given opportunities to fulfill more roles outside just a narrowly-defined job description.  It has been exciting to experience Compass’ continued successes in the process of delivering a reputable product and I look forward to our future growth."
Spencer Tucker, Project Engineer
"I have been with Compass for almost 9 years and thoroughly enjoy the people and the company.  The customer service and quality-driven approach combined with a solid team atmosphere makes Compass not only a great place to work, but offers tremendous opportunities to grow professionally."
Matt Mahler, Senior Project Manager
"I truly enjoy being a team member of Compass and I am fortunate to be a part of a great organization.  The company culture is fantastic where it is filled with unique and inspiring individuals all collaborating towards one common goal and that is to build quality projects.  Thirty years from now, Compass’ legacy will still be etched in the skylines of greater Seattle and that I am proud to be a part of."
Dimong Dy, Senior Project Accountant
"I love working for a company that encourages and incentivizes professional development and growth! I know my hard work is appreciated and I have a future here."
Ania Pastuszewska, Project Engineer
"Compass offers its employees unparalleled opportunities for personal career growth and development.  If you are capable, driven, and committed to your project and your team, you will thrive at Compass.  For anyone in this industry who is looking to challenge and push themselves by taking on more responsibilities, this is the company you should be working for.  Compass encourages and empowers their employees, rewarding those who are able to successfully rise to this challenge."
Nick Cunningham, Project Manager
"Compass values all of its employees and listens to their ideas and concerns. I like being part of a team and working for a company that stresses safety, quality of work and doesn’t take short cuts to achieve the goals of the client.  I enjoy being involved in a group that shares their project experiences in an open forum so all can learn from past experiences."
Howard Lasater, Superintendent